Monday, December 31, 2012

Pdx Picker is now Remnant

Throughout 2012 Heather and I developed our own brand Remnant. The focus of Remnant is high quality vintage goods, many of them refinished, reupholstered, or repurposed. Remnant is also the brand that we vend under at flea markets, pop ups, and other special events. In July Heather and I started a new blog, , to tell the story of our adventures in the vintage world. I will now be posting only on the Remnant blog. This is my final post on If you subscribe to please subscribe to to continue to recieve updates.

In Conclusion // 2012

2012 has been a year of surprises, hard work, and joy.  It was my first year of picking full time.  At times I thought it was not going to work out but the right piece seemed to sell at just the right time to keep us afloat each month.    Throughout the year I was continually amazed at all the great stuff that is out there to be found.  Here are some of my favorite finds of 2012

 This sofa was my official rookie mistake of the year.  The guy I bought it from told me it was a Heywood Wakefield.  I sold it to a local shop the about a $100 profit.  It was a Folke Ohlsson.  It was reupholstered and sold for $3200.
 These chairs were our first big reupholstery project.  It was a set of 6 Vodder style dining chairs.  They sold on Etsy and were shipped to Las Vegas.
 Everyone loves a plycraft lounger.  It is now in a psychologist's office in San Francisco.
This is one of my favorite starburst clocks ever!  Sold locally.
 Danish rockers are so hard to find.  Looking back I probably sold this chair way too cheap
but at least someone got a great deal.
 This Pearsall style sofa was is tragic condition when I found it. 
I sold it to a local dealer who fixed it up and sold it quickly. 
Looking back, this is a piece that we now would be able to reupholster & refinish.
 This 24 drawer typesetter's cabinet is one of the crown jewels of 2012.  It sold on Etsy and was shipped to the mid west.
The Broyhill Brasilia line is my favorite American furniture.  I would have loved to have kept this credenza but there were bills to pay.  Sold locally. 
This beautiful pair of Hans Wegner style lounge chairs sold before I even got them home.
 This black vinyl sofa was one of the hottest pieces this year.  I got about 6 offers within an hour of putting it up for sale.
 When money got a little tight in March we dipped into our private collection and sold this amazing Gunlocke armchair that we originally purchased in San Francisco.
Credenzas are always a great find.  This one was expertly handmade by the owner of the home I bought it from.
 This Fostoria industrial swing arm lamp was one of my best flea market finds of the year.
 This set was the only set of 8 dining chairs that I bought all year.  Tip: When you see a good set of 8 dining chairs buy them!
 Eames is always a safe bet.
 In 2012 we started collecting Cathrineholm enamelware.  These were are first 2 pieces.
In April I vended at the Alameda flea market in the Bay Area.  Looking back my booth doesn't look very impressive but I sold enough to make the trip worth it.
May marked the beginning of the Portland Flea for 2012.  We have vended at it each month since.
 There are so many great mid century glass sets out there.  I was glad to call this one my own.
 This was the first love seat that Heather and I reupholstered.  It was a big hit at the Portland Flea.
 This Naguchi style side table was another great flea market find. 
It was sold on etsy on shipped carefully
This modern roll top desk is one of the more interesting pieces I found this year.
July was the most profitable Flea of the year. 
I especially loved the pair of lamps in the back of the booth
 Silver Pine dishware.  Sold on Etsy.
 Eames for Herman Miller table found at a garage sale!
I found this chair with no cushions or webbing. 
Heather and I gave it some R&R and it sold quickly at Portland Flea.
 10' long B.P. John platform sofa.  Completely restored and sold to a happy customer in L.A.
 This Westnofa lounge chair upholstered in cow hide was truly an unusual find
 This sputnik lamp was my favorite lamp of 2012 and sold on Etsy.
This Lightolier tulip base lamp was sold to the set designer of Mad Men!
Keep an eye out for it next season.
 My favorite piece of 2012 is this Adrian Pearsall gondola sofa that we reupholstered
 I think that the Erik Buck stool is the most iconic of all of the mid century design stools.  This is the only one I have ever had a chance to buy.
 This lounge chair reupholstered in Pendleton style wool was a huge hit. 
You can expect a few more of these in 2013.
 My best thrift store find of 2012 was these 3 Knoll Bertoia child size chairs. 
They eventually sold on ebay.
This Toledo Uhl Art Steel roll top typewriter desk was probably my rarest find of the year.
Heather and I went to the coast in September for our anniversary and found this near mint condition George Nelson Bubble Lamp at a thrift store!
My best estate sale find of the year was this Brasilia bedroom set. 
It was sold on Etsy and shipped to San Diego.
This set of 5 Eames fiberglass side chairs were our best garage sale buy of the year.
This Milo Baughman recliner was beautifully reupholstered by Heather.
I found this amazing drawer unit at a thrift store in rough condition. 
I refinished it and added hairpin legs.  It sold to a local repeat customer
 I bought and sold a lot of bar carts this year but this Ib Kofod Larsen for G Plan took the cake.
Usually Cathrineholm enamelware can only be found one piece at a time but a customer paid me for a piece of furniture with these 5 amazing pieces.
This Hans C. Andersen side table created quite a bidding frenzy on ebay.
 Heather did a great job reupholstering this Kroehler Lounge Chair. 
It is still available at VDC for $295.
 This 5 seat slat bench was a truly eye-catching piece
I bought this old shipping crate early in the year
but it took me several months to find the right legs for it.
 In November we began vending at the Vintage Design Collective. 
It was amazing to finally have all of our goods available to the public 7 days a week!
 This Lane Acclaim coffee & side tables are in the best of any condition I found this year.
Now for sale in Hawthorne Vintage for $500.
 What man doesn't want a military field desk? Sold at VDC.
Adrian Pearsall highback lounge chair & ottoman.  Now for Sale at Hawthorne Vintage $800.
Reupholstery available.
 In December we began vending at Hawthorne Vintage.  We are pleased to have a presence in Portland's busiest vintage shopping district.
This is the only 3 seat danish style sofa I found all year.  Sold at Hawthorne Vintage
 Handmade cupholder ottomans made quite a buzz wherever we sold them this year. 
This one is available at VDC.
Reupholstering this sofa was the biggest project of 2012
but it turned out beautifully and was sold at VDC.