Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post # 100: Top 10 Picks

Today I am posting my 100th blog post!  I thought I would take this opportunity to take a look back at all my pickings and share my 10 favorite.

#10: Moroccan Coffee Table
I found this beauty at a flea market for $40.  It sold online for $300

#9: Mid Century Starburst Clock
I found this clock at a local antique mall.  The motor in it was not working so I replaced it with a motor from a clock I found at a thrift store.  Total paid $40 sold for $125.

#8: Handmade Coffee Tables
The items that I find also inspire me to create.  Over the past few months I have made many coffee tables using found objects.

#7:  Typesetter's Cabinet
There is nothing like cool industrial pieces.  This typesetter's cabinet has 24 drawers! Still available for $450.
#6: Coffee Table Restorations
I have found a couple mid century coffee tables in very rough shape and have been able to bring them back to life.

 Before: Picked for $10

After.  Sold for $150

Before: Picker for $20

After: Sold for $150
#5: Industrial Clothes Basket & Lounge Chair Rocker
I got both of these items at the same estate sale so I am counting them together.  This wire clothes basket is my highest percentage profit thus far.  I got it for 75 cents and sold it for $125.

This chair sold so fast i did not have time to take a good picture.

#4:  Brasilia Credenza
The Broyhill Brasilia line is my favorite of all mid century furniture.  I would have loved to have kept it for myself.  Picked for $120, sold for $360.

#3:  Danish Teak Dining Chairs
I found these 6 chairs in pieces in a greenhouse.  My wife and I reupholstered them. 
Picked for $210, Sold for $550.


#2: Mid Century Sofa
This sofa was an unbelievable find.  It had recently been reupholstered in wool.
Picked for $200.  Sold for $600

#1:  Solid Oak 10 Drawer Flat File
I bought this flat file for $120.  I drove it 17 blocks and sold it for $600 to Rejuvenation.  They sold it for $1850 three months later.


  1. Great Picks Chris! Congrats on your 100th blog post.

  2. Very nice picking indeed. Great work on the restoration pieces too.

  3. Love all of your finds and the before and after shots. I can't believe you sold that laundry basket for so much! I've got one I've been using for several years as a side table (with a glass top.) I've started looking for something to replace it - especially if I can sell it for anywhere near that price!

  4. You should easily be able to get at least $125 for it. There are several on etsy for $150.