Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Under Construction: Mid Century Loveseat

I have just added another project to my list.  This mid century loveseat!.  The frame is in beautiful condition.  The oversized cushions do not quite match the slender modern frame and the webbing needs to be redone.  I have high hopes for how this project will turn out.  Hopefully it will be done in time for the Portland Flea.
Below I have added several examples of similar loveseats and lounge chairs. 
Which upholstery do you like best? Please comment.

 Somewhere under those pillows is a gorgeous modern walnut frame 

 Now its looking a little better

Yikes!  Replacement webbing was done with a clothes line. 

Navy blue fabric at Furnish Me Vintage 

Yellow stripes with small back cushions on Flickr

Horizontal stripes with fall tones on North N South Resales

 Two tone stripes and solid on justmodernguy
Classic orange on bondandbowery


  1. Nice - I like the simple blue fabric example best.

  2. Horizontal stripes with fall tones for me. I like the way it looks with the wood and seems to make both pop!