Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sold: March 2012

March was another fantastic month.  The sun is starting to come back out and estate sales are becoming more frequent.  Take a look at the items that sold this last month!

5 Piece Mid Century Bedroom Set. SOLD

 1950s Chrome Table with drawer and Slide leaves.  SOLD

 Modern Office Sofa.  SOLD

 Danish Teak Record Cabinet.  SOLD

 WWII Card Catalog.  SOLD

 Basset 12 Drawer Sideboard.  SOLD

 Basset Walnut Credenza & Taxidermy Fox.  SOLD

 Danish Teak Credenza.  SOLD

 Industrial Flat Shelf File Cabinet. SOLD

Locke CD 289 Glass Insulator (right).  SOLD 

Dazor Drafting Table Lamp.  SOLD

 Box of Antique Handles and Hardware.  SOLD

 Gunlocke Side Chair.  SOLD

 Modern Coffee Table.  SOLD

 Heywood Wakefield Coffee Table.  SOLD

 Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table.  SOLD

 Deer Antlers.  SOLD

 Handmade Wet Bar.  SOLD

 70 Drawer Industrial Card Catalog.  SOLD

 Solid Oak Card Catalog.  SOLD

Schlitz Bar Mirror.  SOLD

 Stendig Dining Chairs.  SOLD

24 Drawer Typesetter's Cabinet SOLD

Vintage Bar Cart.  SOLD

Vintage Table Lamp.  SOLD

 Retro Swivel Chair.  SOLD

Golden Gate Bridge Sculpture.  SOLD


  1. hi Chris, my name is Sylvia, and i am a big fan of yours from Poulsbo Wa. im not sure how i found your blog, but i am happy i did. i love the things you pick.
    my son and i are amateur pickers, we like industrial, nautical, mid century modern, and he likes vintage mens clothing, especially work clothes, and i am nuts for anything galvanized.
    we just have not made the next obvious step to selling!!
    anyways, as i said, a great pleasure to have found you. keep up the great work!

  2. Do you have any additional photos of the retro swivel chair that sold? I picked up something with a similar build but it has wooden arm rests and a bent plywood shell bottom and back. Anyway, just curious if you had any info on the chair you sold or not.

    (Photos of my chair here:

    Great stuff by the way! Really enjoy perusing the site.

    1. Sorry, I don't have any more info on the swivel chair. It did not have a tag. It was not a a high end piece like the one you are selling. Yours looks like it is a Plycraft to me bu that is just a guess

  3. Dang, was hoping that your chair was a closer match so that I could maybe find out a bit more about this one's background.

    My initial thoughts and research have me feeling that it is from Plycraft as well, but that is based solely on construction of other chairs, specifically some of the ones designed by Mulhauser for Plycraft. All speculation of course. Ah well, hopefully I'll find out some more info on it before it leaves my hands.